Meet the Teachers

“I was struck by the teachers’ eagerness to pour themselves out for the kids. They don’t know if they will get supplies, get help or get paid. Yet everyday, they give all they have so the children have a chance to learn. I am just glad that God has given me the chance to borrow their faith and share in their joy!”   Kristi, Volunteer 2006 Meet the teachers pic 1

Meet the teachers pic MarielaMariela Elizabeth Ruano Enríquez Principal, 6th Grade Age: 30 I am a teacher because I like to share with children and share with them my knowledge I’ve been gathering through the years. I want to collaborate with the future of the Guatemalan childhood. I work at the HOPE School because it is a place that has changed my life, I love working with these kids. This place has helped me to be more merciful, thankful and many more things, thanks to this I’m still working here. When I‘m not teaching, I like to share with my family and friends. My goals are to run my own school. I live with my mother and brothers, and it takes me around one hour by bus to get the school. I want to thank all the people who want to help our school and our children; this contributes with improving the future of all of them.


Meet the teachers pic CarlosCarlos Baten Cutz 2nd and 5th Grade Age: 26 I am a person that is looking for excellence in my own job; I want to be the best in what I do, through dedication and effort. I am a teacher because I like to support the intellectual development of the children. Working for HOPE School I feel like I can defend my own people to go on. My favorite activities are: to research, to be trained, reading. I also like watching movies and listen to music. My dreams are to be the best teacher of my country, having a very comfortable school with technology for the children. I live with my brother; we are from a place called “Totonicapan” inside the country, right now we are living in Guatemala City. I drive 1 hour by bus to get to the school every day. Thanks to your generous hearts and your love to our kids. May God multiply His blessings to all of you.   Meet the teachers pic Josue


Josué Pereira Physical Education and Arts to the whole school Age: 32 I am a very dynamic person, I like working with kids, I am funny, happy and I like to help others. I love to be a teacher because I know that God can use my life to improve the future of all this kids through education. The HOPE School has become in my life, and I know that God sent me there. I feel myself so privileged and being here helps me to be more generous. My favorite activities are: artistic painting, playing foot-ball soccer, basketball, watching TV and sharing with friends (a coffee). One of my goals is to be a better teacher; I want to go on with my University career. I ́d like to buy a new house, providing for my family all the necessities and working for HOPE School full time. I live with my wife and my son Adrian, I live around one hour and a half from the School. Every day at the HOPE School there ́s a miracle happening, a new challenge, for both the students, and the teachers. The economy is facing a hard time but we are completely sure that God is going to send a miracle for each person that supports this project. Thanks for your support.


Meet the teachers pic CarolinaCarolina Andrea Hernández Assistant Principal and Pre-School Age: 31 I am a very patient, kind and friendly person, I am dedicated and responsible. I like to be a teacher because I can be so patient with the children in order to help them to learn. I work for HOPE School because I can share my love to the kids and also a very good education. My favorite activities are: traveling, listen to music and I also like dancing. My goals are: finish my career, get married, traveling, and continue with my growth hormone treatment. Currently I live with my parents and my brother. I live close to the School; it takes to me around 30 minutes to get there. Thanks for your great efforts and all the things you are doing for us, may God bless you.


Meet the teachers pic EvelynEvelyn Marroquin 1st and 3rd Grade Age: 33 I choose to be a teacher because I like teaching and to help the children. Working for HOPE School helps me to being a better person and to be more patient and loving. I enjoy traveling, listening to music and watching TV. My goals are to be a good mother, continue with my career and to run my own business. I live with my husband and daughter, by bus I take 2 hours to get the school every day. Thanks for all your support, May God bless all of you…   Meet the teachers pic Sandra

Sandra Ruano 4th Grade and Kindergarten Age: 28 I am a teacher mainly because I like teaching and also helping these kids. After working for HOPE in the last 10 years I have learned to love the children and to dream for them. My favorite activities are watching TV and sleep. My goals are: being a professional graduated from the University. I live with my mother and my brothers; we live one hour from the HOPE School. I encourage you to support our School, because the children need to be taken to a higher level in their studies.


Lesly LuxLesly Lux Age: 21. I am the English teacher for the whole school, from pre-K to 6th grade. I work at the HOPE school because I like serving my neighbor and because I love the children, and teaching the children helps me to improve even more my English. I admire the kids because even though they have many economic limitations they share their food with others. We are a family of four kids and we live with our mother, our father doesn’t live with us. I like reading books and I dedicate most of my time in University.



TeacherRuthBonillaRuth Hernandez Physical Education, Bible Study, Artistic Expression. Age: 41. I’ve been working  for the HOPE school since 2014 because I love my profession and I can put into practice my knowledge.  I am able to serve, and I can see that no matter what situations the children face every day, they are always willing to give and share. Every time I get in to the class room all the little children run and hug me. My family is humble; we enjoy serving others. I live with my mom only and she is 65 years old. I like reading books and listening music.






Meet the teachers pic Estuardo

Estuardo Vásquez Director of the HOPE School Age: 29 I am a man who likes the challenges; I feel every day the desire of being a better person and of course, give my best to build a great country. I love my nation and I want to see it developed. I work for the HOPE School, because it is a very noble project, we send all our efforts as a team, with the only purpose of spreading HOPE to all this children that do not count with any other help. I enjoy spending my free time with my family, fiancée and friends… I love to watch movies and playing Ping-Pong and bowling. My dreams and goals are to be a professional in Media Communication, run my own business as a Producer, Photographer and Administer. My sincere thanks to all the people interested in join our project and support the education free of charge to hundreds of kids of this place that really needs it.