Board of Directors


Michelle Hooper, Nancy Winfrey, Mary Morris, Carlin Johnson, Marc Morris

Michelle received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a dual focus in Management and Personnel & Industrial Relations from St. Louis University.  For the past 15 years she has worked for the software company SAS Institute in various sales and sales support roles, most recently as an Inside Sales Account Executive selling SAS software to the utilities industry.

Michelle has served on the Friends of Guatemala board since 2012.  In 2011 she had the opportunity to visit Guatemala and the HOPE  school during the Friends of Guatemala service trip.  She was deeply impacted by the teachers and the students she met while she was there and saw firsthand the incredible impact the school was having on it’s community.  She serves on the board because she wants to help Colegio Hope thrive and continue to serve the families that live along the railroad tracks for years to come.

In her spare time Michelle enjoys photography, documentaries, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Nancy works for American Airlines, and is finishing up a doctoral degree in Adult Education. She has been volunteering with Adult Learning and Organizational Development at Girls Scouts USA and working as a contract instructional designer. Soon she will retire from the airline industry and look for a university faculty position.

She loves to cook, read, travel, garden and play outdoors. Her daughter Kristin lives and works in DC and her son Calvin is in culinary school. Her husband Bill keeps busy with corporate team building training and coaching basketball. Sophie the beagle mostly sleeps.

Nancy first visited Guatemala in 2005, hoping to begin a partnership between her community in North Carolina and the HOPE school. Since that time she has worked to help the school in whatever way possible, building great friendships and seeing children receive an amazing education.

Mary has a Masters in Social Work with 22 years experience in Child Protective services and adoption. She currently teaches at North Carolina State University in the Social Work department. She has 3 adult children and 2 grand kitty cats. She enjoys ballroom dancing, listening to Bluegrass/Americana music, reading mysteries and romances, and deep thinking out loud with friends. In 2007 she traveled with my husband and two sons on a mission trip to the Hope school in Guatemala City. She saw first-hand the tireless work of the teachers, the grateful and eager children, and the impact for good the school is having on the railroad track settlement in Guatemala. Friends of Guatemala is an agency with a working board of directors who sends every available donation to the school to impact the children. “I am happy to be a part of improving the lives of those who live in third world poverty,” she says, “and happy to invest in the future of these children.”

Carlin has over 30 years experience in the human resources and training and development fields.  Currently she serves as human resources manager to a local produce delivery company while also providing HR and training services to a number of clients.

Carlin’s greatest desire is to focus her time and energy on activities that make a difference in the lives of others. She became interested in The Hope School through her friendship with Nancy.  After visiting Guatemala, seeing the faces and homes of the students, receiving homemade gifts from them, and being the recipient of much love and hospitality, she gladly accepted the opportunity to serve on the Friends of Guatemala Board.  As a board member, she serves as the secretary and creator of Hope School Highlights, the FOG newsletter.

Carlin is wife to Mark, mom of three amazing young people, and companion to two cats, a bird, and Dottie, her pup who joins her on her runs, walks, hikes, naps, and trips to the store.

Marc is a public accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.  He has worked in the audit field for two years and focuses primarily on private company services.  He earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2012 and a Master’s of Accounting degree is 2013 from North Carolina State University.  Marc joined the board of Friends of Guatemala in 2014 as treasurer.

In his free time he enjoys playing music, riding bikes and trying new breweries.

Marc went on a service trip in 2006 to Guatemala and fell in love with the school, the people and the culture.  He joined the board in order to remember and connect with those he met while traveling to Guatemala and to help in any way that he could with the school.